Meet the AlarisPro Team

Our team of highly-skilled professionals includes military and civilian pilots, test pilots, mechanics, maintenance logisticians, safety experts, engineers, and business leaders. Together, we bring decades of experience in manned and unmanned aviation operations, maintenance, and safety to AlarisPro.

Tony Pucciarella

Tony “Pooch” Pucciarella is a retired U.S. Navy Commander, serving as a Patrol Plane Mission Commander, Operational Test Pilot, VIP Pilot, and Aviation Engineering Duty Officer (AEDO). Before starting his career in the Navy, Tony received an aeronautical and astronautical engineering degree from The Ohio State University. He later received an MBA from Loyola University Maryland’s Executive Program. He is certified as an Airline Transport Pilot (ATP) and is rated in aircraft ranging from the iconic B-25 to the fastest business jets flying today. Tony is also a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with extensive experience in managing projects of all sizes and complexities. He is an active multi-rotor and fixed-wing UAS Pilot with extensive experience in small and large UAS operations.

Tony served as the Airspace Integration Certification Lead for the Navy’s Triton UAS program and led the development of the program’s safety case for Sense and Avoid (SAA). He is active in ongoing rulemaking and standards development as a member of the FAA’s UAST and ASTM’s F-38 Committee. Tony co-led a workgroup supporting the larger Detect and Avoid (DAA) group on FAA Special Committee 228 (SC-228).

With an established background in manned and unmanned aviation, engineering, aircraft systems integration, operational testing, and business, Tony was well-poised to address the growing critical needs gap in the UAS Industry. He assembled a team of highly skilled individuals in 2013 to design the architecture for what became AlarisPro – the most comprehensive UAS Operations and Maintenance program available.

Don Ferguson
Lead Software Developer

Don brings over 35 years of programming experience to the AlarisPro development team. He began working with microprocessors and microcontrollers in the early 80’s using machine and assembly language. At that time, evenings and weekends were often divided between writing hexadecimal code and wire wrapping development boards to test new programs. Don also has a rich background in customer service, having served as a the customer service director for Eagle Test Systems, Inc., an international automated test equipment company prior to founding his own software company in 2003. As Lead Software Developer, Don leads the development team and is responsible for all software released on the Web, Android and iOS applications. He is also responsible for the application architecture, database and delivery platform.

Donna Kuang
Front End Software Engineer

Donna has an elaborate background in technology and health sciences. She is experienced in both front and back-end development, and is proficient in HTML5, CSS3, SASS, JavaScript, and the MERN stack, to name a few. She actively works on integrating responsive designs and focuses her attention to creating clear and simple interfaces. By using graphics, text, layout, and interactive elements cohesively, Donna is interested in presenting users with an experience, not just presenting the information.

With a rich background in psychology, physical therapy, nursing, and technology, Donna is enthusiastic about the endless possibilities of utilizing UAS for the implementation of health care necessities.

Brian Doherty
Account Executive

Brian is a resilient relationship-builder, heading Software as a Service (SaaS) sales for enterprise clients at AlarisPro. Prior to AlarisPro, he led the telecommunications vertical at Measure UAS, pioneering industry specific solutions while driving business development. His experience in telecom and the UAS industry provides valuable insight and contribution to the drone conversation. Brian earned an economics degree from the University of Miami and is working towards an MBA in finance from Florida International University.

Suzanne Pucciarella
Marketing and Communications

Suzanne manages the AlarisPro marketing and communication effort. Her master’s degree in a clinical field, combined with her teaching background, has contributed to her unique ability to work well with teams and business leaders to best assess and meet their needs. Suzanne has extensive experience in marketing, sales, and social networking, and she also held the position of Vice President of Sales for an aviation magazine. She is well-versed in the use of social media as an essential tool for networking and marketing.

Suzanne has taken great interest in the UAS industry and its essential role in life-saving efforts. She actively uses social media to stay engaged in the latest technical advances and to create connections to accelerate development.

Bill Sheleheda
Strategic Advisor

Bill has over 30 years of experience in financial markets and served as VP of Merchant Sales for Discover Card/Morgan Stanley. He was on the initial team that created Discover Card Financial Services and supported multiple merger and acquisition teams for Morgan Stanley. Bill currently serves as Strategic Advisor for AlarisPro.

Diarmuid Corry
International Business Development

Diarmuid has over 25 years of experience in aerospace engineering, specializing in flight test instrumentation, data acquisition, and processing. Diarmuid graduated from Dublin City University, Ireland, with a degree in electronic engineering. He also holds a master’s degree in telecommunications. Diarmuid was co-founder of a successful flight test instrumentation company that became a major player in the global market for flight data acquisition. He has an MBA from the Open University in Milton Keynes, UK.

With his combination of engineering and business experience, Diarmuid is enthusiastic about the transformative potential of UAS and is interested in how traditional aerospace vehicle monitoring and flight safety procedures can be applied to this arena.