Our partners trust AlarisPro with the health and safety of their fleets.

Hear from a Few…

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“As a manned aircraft pilot and as the leader of a UAS manufacturing company, tracking aircrafts and their components is critical to ensuring safety and improving the reliability of our products. AlarisPro software solves this pain point for us to track our UAS both internally and across my customer base.”

Our Clients

“The people at AlarisPro are honest, trustworthy and incredibly competent at what they do. We know when we share our partnership with potential customers it’s a huge value-add; it’s in every one of our proposals.”

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“Unmanned Aviation is a large part of Cardno’s Global Data Acquisition Program. The AlarisPro platform has been an integral pillar of our Safety Management System by ensuring our pilots and logisticians have a commercial, aviation-based, and centralized pilot and fleet management ecosystem with near-real-time global visibility. AlarisPro allows us to easily track pilot flight hours, aircraft hours, maintenance, and project logistical information all in one place.”

Our Clients

“AlarisPro is instrumental in helping us forecast our needs. We have a lot of demands from our customers and from regulators­. With AlarisPro, all of that information and data is at the touch of a button. The data we gained using AlarisPro was absolutely a component in helping us achieve BVLOS.”