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Building on 8 Years of Growth and Success!

In 2015, our CEO and founder, Tony Pucciarella, set out to address the growing critical needs gap in the UAS Industry. After building a team of highly skilled individuals, AlarisPro, the most comprehensive UAS Operations and Maintenance program available, was formed!

The AlarisPro brand represents reliability, versatility, and dependability. Our Team’s extensive aviation experience and skills coupled with a strong sense of mission to improve safety and efficiency in aviation are key to our success. Advancement in the aviation industry requires a high degree of situational awareness, a safety-first mindset, and an analytical approach. The AlarisPro brand encompasses these traits and more. AlarisPro is user friendly and engineering minded. We are your inspector, engineer, auditor, compliance personnel, risk manager, educator, and investigator, all rolled into one.

AlarisPro was formed with the mission to improve the unmanned industry by providing a product and service that no one else had but everyone needed – a collaborative platform to provide an unbiased view of safety and to ultimately create an industry standard. AlarisPro strives to foster collaboration among users to identify and address potential safety concerns and to help organizations gather critical data that will ultimately improve overall airworthiness. Companies seeking a single solution to help eliminate the need to track and capture data across multiple platforms need to look no further!



Obtaining FAA BVLOS Approvals

AlarisPro Field Ops Mobile App

Client Spotlight: ALTI UAS

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Beyond Visual Line of Sight

Several of our clients, including Phoenix Air Unmanned and Soaring Eagle Technologies, have received BVLOS authorization from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). This is an extremely important exemption when it comes to mission critical operations like performing power line inspections. This achievement is always an exciting one and is a testament to the success that comes from prioritizing safety in every one of the UAS operating processes!

In October of 2022, Soaring Eagle received FAA approval for unlimited distance utility power line inspection flights beyond visual line of sight! In August of 2023, Phoenix Air Unmanned received authorization to operate Swiss Drones SVO 50 V2 aircraft beyond visual line of sign for aerial work, photography, survey, and powerline and pipeline patrol and inspections below 400 feet. This built upon the broad waiver for powerline inspections they received a few months prior in April of 2023.

AlarisPro recognizes that to ensure safe and efficient UAS operations in the utilities industry, implementing and adhering to established aviation methodologies is essential! Earlier this summer, AlarisPro partnered with Soaring Eagle Technologies to explain “The Importance of Proven Aviation Safety, Reliability, and Documentation Principles in Obtaining Unlimited Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) Approvals.”

According to the FAA, they are “focused on developing standard rules to make BVLOS operations routine, scalable and economically viable.” Their long-term goal is to safely integrate unmanned aircraft into the National Airspace System rather than set aside separate airspace exclusively for them.

AlarisPro is proud to offer our clients a fleet management platform that considers each aircraft in the context of a System of Systems (SoS), and documents reliability at both the component and system level. With a focus on safety and reliability, AlarisPro applies proven safety standards and metrics to implement a holistic approach to efficiently document all necessary information in an organized and concise manner while maximizing fleet and crew efficiency and maintaining compliance with regulatory requirements.

BVLOS Sample

AlarisPro App

The AlarisPro Field Ops app enables pilots to save time logging flight data and accessing the AlarisPro Safety Ecosystem (ASE) while offline in remote areas.

The mobile app is used in conjunction with the AlarisPro UAS Fleet Management And Predictive Maintenance Platform.

AlarisPro Google App AlarisPro Apple App


Earlier this summer, we announced that ALTI UAS had joined our roster of successful clients who trust AlarisPro with all of their fleet management needs! With a global reach, our collaboration with ALTI UAS will impact industries across agriculture, surveying, and beyond and spark positive global change! This partnership symbolizes a synergy of vision, technology, and dedication.

Here is what ALTI had to say:

"Our mission at ALTI UAS: deliver cutting-edge, reliable UAS solutions empowering industries worldwide. We're proud to join forces with AlarisPro, united by excellence and innovation."

Quotes from ALTI UAS on why they chose AlarisPro:

  • “AlarisPro’s expertise in advanced UAS tech and engineering excellence aligns seamlessly with our vision. Together, we'll develop even more powerful solutions tailored to diverse client needs.”
  • “AlarisPro brings a wealth of experience and expertise in the field of advanced UAS technology. Their team of skilled engineers and professionals has a proven track record of improving the safety and reliability of unmanned systems, making them the perfect partner to help us take our solutions to the next level.”
  • “AlarisPro’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of technology aligns perfectly with our own vision. Together, we will leverage the latest advancements in UAS technology to develop even more powerful, efficient, and reliable solutions that meet the diverse needs of our clients.”
  • "Safety is paramount. AlarisPro shares our unwavering commitment to top safety standards. Our partnership ensures exceptional performance with the highest safety protocols."

Get ready for remarkable innovations as we embark on this journey together! This partnership symbolizes a synergy of vision, technology, and dedication!



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