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Recommended for companies that have a growing fleet of up to 20 UAS. The Edge Plan contains all of the features needed to manage a small-to-medium fleet of systems including pilot, maintenance and system reports. One of the most exciting features that separates AlarisPro from our competition is that of Fleet Health Data. In addition to basic system logging and reporting, the Edge Plan provides customers with Component Data on the systems they own and operate. In other words, you receive reports on the hours on each flight safety critical component (such as motors, ESCs, autopilots, Power distribution boards, etc.) on your systems along with recommendations on when those components should be replaced. Imagine the value of knowing what to expect out of your systems and when they need preventive maintenance!  AlarisPro Edge provides the tools needed to help small-to-medium UAS companies manage their fleet.





AlarisPro is the leader in UAS Fleet Management and Predictive Maintenance. We arm UAS operators, maintainers, and manufacturers with the data needed to obtain and maintain the peak performance of their unmanned systems and subsystems.   


Pioneering UAS Fleet Management and Predictive Maintenance.

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